Types Of Lessons & Pricing

Private Lessons will vary from 30 minutes to an hour a lesson depending on the players needs and abilities

Each lesson can be either an hour or 30 minutes long. We offer all of the following types of lessons. . .

  • Pitching

  • Fielding

  • Catching

  • Hitting

  • Throwing

  • Base Running

  • Conditioning

Package Deals

Individual Lessons

Group Lessons

Group lessons will be for a minimum of an hour depending on the amount of players per group session.

  • You may book more than one thing in a lesson ex: pitching and hitting. (only in hour lessons)

  • All 5 pack packages MUST be completed within one month otherwise a new package must be purchased.

  • Students UNDER the age 9 MUST do a minimum of TWICE a week.

  • All other students are recommended to do one lesson per week minimum.

Traveling Coach

No matter how far or how close we will travel to the location of your choice and/ or field to accommodate your lesson!


We also offer Evaluations which will consist of drills and breakdowns of the players movements and techniques that will better help to pin-point weak fundamentals and areas in need of attention.

Please note all cancellations must be made within 24 hours of your scheduled lesson or a $15 cancellation fee may be charged.
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